in·de·pend·ent [in-di-pen-duh nt]
not subject to another's authority or jurisdiction; autonomous; free

in·quir·y [in-kwahyuh r-ee, in-kwuh-ree]
a seeking or request for truth, information, or knowledge

Independent Inquiry Mission

- Unify learning at school, learning at home, and learning anywhere, anytime.

- Empower learners to engage in and reflect on their own inquiry processes.

- Encourage interest- and passion-driven learning.

- Integrate peers, parents, communities, and global networks into the inquiry process.

Informed by The Maker Education Initiative, Connected Learning, the National Writing Project, the 21st Century Fluency Project, and Constructionist Learning Theory.

Related to Genius Hour, Passion Projects, and 20% Time in Education, and iTime.

Philosophy Statement

Inquiry - formulating questions and seeking answers - represents all learning. It takes many forms from casual wondering to scientific research, seeking out a spiritual guru to authoring a novel, training for a marathon to collecting rare coins.

Inquiry in the classroom also takes many forms. Modeled inquiry is excellent for helping to learn new inquiry processes. Guided inquiry is useful when content is complex and requires sequential steps. Some inquiries may focus on the acquisition of facts to answer questions while others develop questions to promote conceptual understanding. Provocations guide learners to discover their own questions. The answers they find lead to more questions, and the process continues.

Mastery of the creative and collaborative processes of inquiry is the ultimate learning goal.

This wiki is an open resource for documentation and reflection. The Independent Inquiry Reflection google form has been recently updated on the Resources page, and a growing list of inquiry goals and reflections can be found on the class pages. I invite anyone to utilize any resources and request to join in order to share their own discoveries.

Learning is built upon a foundation of trust. I trust my students to pursue their learning and I trust myself to find ways to best support them. I believe that Independent Inquiry is the most authentic vehicle for pursuing this vision in the classroom.

Bart Miller

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